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From where i stand I see all. The sky is the limit and my desire the catalyst. Beyond that which seems improbalble lies proof, human constructs dedicated to the ascension of man. For my ladder is my salvation.

From where i stand i see all. You build upon the human earth and place your hope. Ascension proves too potent of an allure to resist. Desire drives your blinded eyes as the ladders grow ever longer. Bound, the sky is the limit as that which lies beyond shall forever remain out of reach.

From where i stand i see all. The summit most will never reach. The true pinnacle over looked by the ascending fools. The mountain of God forever improbable.
From where i stand i see all and nothing at all.

Crafted using the traditional techniques of pietra dura the human earth (rug) is constructed from 133 hand cut stone pieces. Bordering this a hand woven band encircled by 34 tassels. 10 silver ladders each rung bound in 0.2mm Japanese silver thread hold a fine silver inverted cone/pyramid crafted using the techniques of chasing and repousse. The structure depicts 92 large stone blocks assembled into 7 ascending/descending levels. Atop, arranged around a similar fine silver cone/pyramid structure stand a series of human constructs, scaffolding, supporting towers, struts, cranes and decorations. Their purpose is to hold a hand blown blue glass sphere within which a hand carved quarts cloud resides restrained by silver, and a mobile of 7 fine silver clouds. Atop the true summit sits a hand carved emerald green glass and fine silver tree.